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Tianjin Haitong Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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Tianjin Haitong Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Contact: Luna Liu
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Address: 18-701, No.99, The 4th Street, TEDA, Tianjin, P. R. China
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Vitamin C

CAS No:50-81-7      Price:
Usages:pharmaceuticals; vitamins and derivatives; nutritional supplements; vitamin ingredients.
Introduction:Characteristics: colorless or light white crystalline powder whic


CAS No:26787-78-0      Price:
Usages:a moderate-spectrum antibiotic active against a wide range of Gram-positive, and a limited range of
Introduction:Appearance: White or colorless crystal powder, odorless and 


CAS No:83-88-5      Price:
Usages:the essential necessity for organism in normal living as the nutriment for infant, pregnant woman nu
Introduction:Appearance: yellow or range-yellow crystalline powder, slightly d
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